Buy Marlboro HEETS Turquoise Label Pack of 10 – Mint – menthol style.
HEETS Turquoise Label – Pack of 10- two hundred Heets Heatsticks
A contemporary mellow menthol style designed for Marloboro menthol and Parliament contemporary smokers. HEETS Turquoise area unit simply the right selection for menthol fans.

Suitable for all IQOS two.4 & 2.4+ Plus, IQOS 3, IQOS Multi holders/devices.
Authentic full flavoured PM Marlboro tobacco mix heatsticks. Tobacco meets technology with ‘heat not burn’ state of the art systems providing that instant phytotoxin rush whereas not transmission any of tar and lots of harmful carcinogens that area unit contained in smoke smoke.
HEETS {are also|also area unit|are} called HeatSticks in and that they are specially designed heated tobacco units meant for exclusive use with the IQOS two.4 and IQOS two.4+ Plus , IQOS three and IQOS Multi Devices. HEETS, a prince Morris (Marlboro) whole area unit created up from materials that embrace real tobacco, hollow acetate tube, polymer-film filter, cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter, and outer and mouth-end papers providing the phytotoxin that you just want while not harming your self from alternative burning substances.
IQOS (“I Quit standard Smoking”), is meant to assist you fast standard smoking.
We perpetually supply the newest models of IQOS merchandise on the market round the globe with nice selection and also the highest quality. Marlboro makes bound to perpetually keep an expensive and rounded tobacco mix, altogether the labels on the market from our on-line search. Red label, Turquoise label, Yellow Label and Amber Label area unit presently the flavors of HEETS on the market on-line from our web site. Our revenant customers area unit perpetually happy to come back back to North American country for his or her daily HEETS wants since we tend to perpetually guarantee the most effective on the market costs, quality, discreet packing and quick worldwide delivery.
Currently we’ve on the market six totally different PM Marlboro HEETS flavors to decide on from:

Amber: swish and subtly flavorsome A balanced mix of smoke with made texture and a way of sunshine walnut notes. HEETS Amber has woody flavor of cooked tobacco mix with nut. Intense three out of four. AROMA: BALANCED Bronze: Deep and made an expensive mix of smoke with a velvety flavor and a sense of hot malt notes with a lot of intense and full flavor. HEETS Bronze contains a flavor of tobacco mix with cocoa and dry fruit. Intense four out of four. AROMA: VOLUPTUOUS Yellow: swish. a delicate mix of smoke with slightly of vivid notes of citrus. a lighter Marlboro Parliament similar style. HEETS Yellow contains a zesty flavor of tobacco mix.
Intense three out of four. AROMA: MELLOW & BRIGHT
Turquoise: contemporary and delectable a mix of smoky and mint flavor smoke that makes a way of freshness. The delicate menthol version of PM. HEETS Turquoise contains a zesty flavor of cooked tobacco mix with menthol. Intense three out of four. AROMA: MELLOW Red : a powerful mix of smoke with an expensive texture and a way of wood. our favourite flavor feels sturdy and made in style. Intense three out of four. AROMA: sturdy Siena: swish and flavorsome earth color HEETS deliver a balanced, all-around tobacco style with woody nuances and delicate light-weight tea aroma notes. Intense three out of four.
1 Carton of HEETS Turquoise Label heatsticks (10 individual packs of 20 heatsticks each) 200 Heatsticks
Factory Sealed and unopened.

By heating tobacco rather than burning it, IQOS creates tobacco vapour, not smoke. IQOS vapour dissipates more quickly than cigarette smoke. It does not negatively impact indoor air quality, as proven by international air quality tests and is not a source of second hand smoke.*

Unlike cigarettes, IQOS does not burn tobacco and therefore produces no ash.

After using IQOS, the odour left on hands, hair and clothes is significantly less than that left by cigarettes. IQOS is not risk free. The best way to reduce tobacco related health risks is to quit tobacco use altogether. You can also find Yellow Label Heets for IQOS, Bronze Label Heets for IQOS, Silver Label Heets for IQOS, Amber Label Heets for IQOS, Purple Label Heets for IQOS, Parliament Blue Heets for IQOS – Limited Edition, Green Zing Heets for IQOS, Parliament Fresh Heets for IQOS – Limited Edition.

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