HEETS™ tobacco sticks area unit designed to be used with the IQOS system and area unit created with specially elite tobaccos. because of the color related to the Amber HEETS these area unit typically conjointly called Orange HEETS. This flavour is that the nearest to original full strength Marlboro Red.

IQOS uses revolutionary technology that heats tobacco while not burning it, providing you with verity style of tobacco with no smoke, no ash and fewer smell. this is often ideal for health-conscious smokers UN agency don’t would like to vape UN agency would still just like the nearest various expertise to smoking on the market.

This new heat not burn technology heats the mini tobacco sticks (called Heets) however doesn’t really burn them – thus as compared to a standard coffin nail that burns at 800 degrees, the IQOS heats the tobacco to 350 degrees and instead produces a smoke vapour instead of ancient smoke.

This leads to a median reduction of 90%-95% within the levels of toxicity and harmful substances found in tobacco IQOS vapour compared to smoke from a coffin nail.

On high of that, the IQOS has no ash, no smoke, and in fact considerably less smell. and since its not LIT tobacco, it conjointly avoids the smoking ban and may be used inside (where permitted).

Therefore moving to IQOS may be a far better selection than smoking

IQOS is that the results of over $3bn investment and a decade of analysis on a variety of doubtless reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes conducted by quite 430 scientists and specialists in our R&D facilities in Schweiz. Over 2.9 million customers across the world have already switched to IQOS.

Specially designed tobacco sticks, called HEETS Amber, area unit inserted into the IQOS holder that uses a novel heating blade manufactured from gold and atomic number 78 coated in ceramic. Specialist physics management the temperature to make sure there’s no combustion. You can also find Yellow Label Heets for IQOS, Bronze Label Heets for IQOS, Turquoise Label Heets for IQOS, Silver Label Heets for IQOS, Purple Label Heets for IQOS, Parliament Blue Heets for IQOS – Limited Edition, Green Zing Heets for IQOS, Parliament Fresh Heets for IQOS – Limited Edition.

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