Authentic full seasoned PM Marlboro Heets tobacco mix heatsticks ror IQOS devices. Tobacco meets technology with ‘heat not burn’ state of the art systems, providing that instant phytotoxin rush whereas not transmission several harmful carcinogens that ar contained in cigaret smoke once burned in higher temperatures.
HEETS {are also|also ar|are} called HeatSticks within the market are specially designed heated tobacco units meant for exclusive use with the IQOS a pair of.4 and IQOS a pair of.4 and holders. HEETS, a Philip Morris (Marlboro) complete ar created up from materials that embrace real tobacco, hollow acetate tube, polymer-film filter, cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter, and outer and mouth-end papers providing the phytotoxin that you just want while not harming your self from different burning substances.
IQOS (“I Quit standard Smoking”), is meant to assist you fast standard smoking. the quantity of phytotoxin on HEETS looks to Pine Tree State an equivalent however they’re all totally different in style.
Marlboro makes guaranteed to continuously keep an upscale and rounded tobacco mix, all told the labels on the market from our on-line look. Red label, Turquoise label, Yellow Label and Amber Label ar presently the flavors of HEETS on the market on-line from our web site. Our continual customers ar continuously happy to come back back to North American country for his or her daily HEETS desires since we tend to continuously guarantee the simplest on the market costs, quality, discreet packing and bonded quick worldwide delivery to over fifty Countries – USA, EU, UAE, UK, Singapore and additional.
We continuously supply the most recent models of IQOS and HEETS product on the market round the globe with nice selection and therefore the very best quality.
Currently we’ve on the market 5 totally different PM Marlboro HEETS flavors:

Amber: sleek and subtly sapid A balanced mix of smoke with made texture and a way of sunshine walnut notes. HEETS Amber has woody flavor of cooked tobacco mix with nut. Intense three out of four. AROMA: BALANCED Bronze: Deep and made an upscale mix of smoke with a velvety flavor and a sense of hot malt notes with additional intense and full flavor. HEETS Bronze Label features a flavor of tobacco mix with cocoa and dry fruit. Intense four out of four. AROMA: VOLUPTUOUS Yellow: sleek. a delicate mix of smoke with barely of vivid notes of citrus. a lighter Marlboro Parliament similar style. HEETS Yellow features a zesty flavor of tobacco mix.
Intense three out of four. AROMA: MELLOW & BRIGHT
Turquoise: contemporary and delectable a mix of smoky and mint flavor smoke that makes a way of freshness. The gentle lotion version of PM. HEETS Turquoise features a zesty flavor of cooked tobacco mix with lotion. Intense three out of four. AROMA: MELLOW Red : a robust mix of smoke with an upscale texture and a way of wood. our favourite flavor feels robust and made in style. Intense three out of four. AROMA: sturdy Siena: sleek and sapid earth color HEETS deliver a balanced, all-around tobacco style with woody nuances and refined light-weight tea aroma notes.

1 Carton of HEETS BRONZE Label heatsticks (10 individual packs of 20 heatsticks each) 200 Heatsticks

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