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Gauloises cigarettes are an iconic French brand, which is favored by men all over the world. Those who smoke these cigs display masculinity because Gauloises brand is considered to be a choice of the real man. It might not be very easy to find this unique type of cigarettes in the United States but you can order Gauloises cigarettes online and they will be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days with no extra charge for the shipping.

Gauloises cigarettes were always strong but they are known for their pleasant taste. Original Gauloises cigs were unfiltered and the filtered tip was added at some point in order to compete with the growing number of American brands. However, many men still prefer to smoke unfiltered cigarettes for the true experience of tobacco hit.

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Gauloises was popular among troops during two world wars and it was considered that smoking this particular brand was especially patriotic. Also, many famous French and American artists favored Gauloises cigarettes. Albert Camus and Jim Morrison liked the brand while Bruce Willis smoked these particular cigs in the “Die Hard” movie.

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