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Sample carton

10 Different Brands


2 reviews for Sample carton

  1. Laura Lee Righter

    I smoke menthol 100s ~ what brands do you carry?

    • Judy nevins

      Judy nevins

  2. James

    Can I have you marlboro manufactory ?
    Thank you

  3. Krista

    I’m in Ontario Cabada. A Little town of Tecumseh. Will I be able to get 6 cartons delivered to 1525 Community Cresant in Tecumseh?

    • admin

      Yes dear Krista, we ship worlwide.

  4. Patricia Burke

    Could I get 10 cartons of the cheapest cigarettes delivered to Ireland without any hassle

  5. Patricia Burke

    I want to buy 10 cartons of cigarettes at the cheapest price possible please

    • admin

      Dear Patricia Burke, the prices are for one carton (10 packs) in our store.

  6. Kimberly Mclendon

    Very good cigs,Very fast postage and packaging. Definitely will be buying from this site again.
    Thank you!❤

    • Sigrid

      What is the cheapest brand of cigarettes?

  7. Denise Rozboril

    Are the box or soft pack

    • admin

      Sample Carton includes 10 different brand of cigarettes dear Denise.

  8. Abh

    How long it will take to ship 1 carton of Marlboro gold to Manchester, United Kingdom and are the cigarettes authentic because it’s so cheap

  9. Tina Reed

    Do you sell Marlboro Black 10p’s

  10. Mohammed Alazzani

    Im new here. I smoke Marlboro edge smell less how long does it take to receive the items. Im in Saudi Arabia

  11. michelledalmacio

    How much 1 carton of Marlboro Red?

    • admin

      The prices are for one carton (10 packs).

  12. Sandy Fischer

    Are all of your cigarettes made with American tabacco or do you have Canadain brands?

    • admin

      Dear Sandy, we ship from Georgia (Tbilisi) European quality cigarettes.

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