Each carton contains ten packets of Original Camel Compact Blue cigarettes. Compact cigarettes are as small as they are. The filter has a yellow button where you can press to extract the taste of M menthol Lemon. The original factory has been marked. Sort Cigarette into the top box.

Tar 6mg, Nic. 0.5mg.

The discount applies to the same amount of cigarettes in the shopping cart. You can mix Brands (example: 2 x Camel; 2x Kent; 2 x West). The Eastern cigarettes of the Camel cigarettes contain a distinctive aroma when burned compared to the different cigarettes. Pure Camera Tobacco has been sold outside the USA.

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Box Type

Compact size




0,4 mg


5 mg

Minimum Cartons


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  1. Lester

    Decent smokes, especially for the price

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