Use Of Visa & MasterCard.

What types of tobacco products does Visa, MasterCard prohibit?


MCC 6540 may not be used for a funding stage Transaction if such funds may subsequentlybe used for any of the following purposes;
• The purchase of chips or other value usable for gambling;
• The purchase of access to adult content and services;
• The purchase of any prescription drug;
• The sale of any tobacco product;
• The purchase of high-risk cyberlocker services;
• The purchase of high-risk securities;
• The purchase of any cryptocurrency.

Some businesses are legal only when complying with some specific laws or rules. They either should have special licences or age verification. It can be difficult to check this online, so they are also prohibited:

1. Tobacco and e-cigarettes
2. Fireworks
3. Medical consultation
4. HCG weight loss products
5. Steroids
6. ESTA, Immigration/Visa passport
7. Cyberlockers
8. Files sharing and storage
9. Unlicensed lottery

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