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Stolichnaya Vodka 500ml




Raise your cocktail game by infusing your mixes with the refined Russian flavors found during this bottle of the one and only Stolichnaya Vodka.

When it involves Russian vodka, few names command an equivalent prestige as Stolichnaya. Launched in 1938, the brand became the quintessential Russian vodka during the Soviet-era with its exports carefully regulated by Moscow. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union , however, the brand was split into two entities with one being under the ownership of Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler and therefore the other under Russian state-owned company FKP Soyuzplodimport. But while the rights to the brand remain in debate, there’s little question that when it involves premium Russian vodka, Stoli is that the only thanks to go.

Each batch of Stolichnaya Vodka begins with wheat and rye grains harvested from the Russian heartland and pristine artesian water. These are then distilled 3 times with the resulting spirit being diluted with more artesian water before undergoing filtration in quartz, sand, activated carbon , and woven cloth to realize optimum purity and smoothness before bottling.

Each sip of this crystal-clear spirit begins with a fairly-strong nose of grain and delicate citrus which is then immediately followed by a moderately-sweet and well-rounded palate of wheat, more citrus, and faint spice, all tied together by a crisp and bittersweet finish with a satisfying alcohol burn.

A robust and versatile spirit, the Stolichnaya Vodka may be a definite must-have for any liquor shelf whether you wish to enjoy your vodka neat, on the rocks, or mixed. So what are you waiting for? devour a bottle today and luxuriate in the clean and exquisite taste that only this premium Russian vodka can deliver.

  • 40% ABV or 80 Proof
  • Distilled from premium wheat and rye grains
  • Great for cocktails


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