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Guantanamera Puritos





  • Length: 4 1/8″ 106mm
  • Gauge: 29
  • Flavour: Mild
  • Cuban
  • Cellophane wrapped
  • Branded Box
  • No Humidor Required

Guantanamera Cigars:
Guantanamera make a great introduction to Cuban Cigars. As with a good Malt Cuban Cigars are an acquired taste and can often prove overpowering to the less experienced Cigar smoker. The Guantanamera have been rolled using the highly regarded leaves from the Vuelta Arriba region of Cuba but the leaves have not been aged for as long, which means they have a less intense flavour and remain enjoyable for the less experienced, whilst giving a good insight into the flavours that make Cuban cigars so famous. The Guantanamera are machine made, which keeps the price tag more reasonable.

Individually Cellophane Wrapped:
The Guantanamera Puritos range of cigars are individually cellophane wrapped. The Cellophane wrapping helps keep the cigar fresh for many months without the need for a humidor.

The Guantanamera Puritos have been pre-cut so a cigar cutter is not required to enjoy these cigars.


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