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Organic Tutsan Tea 1lb/450g



In official medicine, St. John’s wort is well known for its antibiotic properties. The plant has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system, raising the body’s tone, relieving depression, normalizing sleep. Folk medicine has used the healing properties of Hypericum since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. The plant has long earned fame as a medicine for ninety-nine diseases. In addition to the disinfecting and regenerating action, Hypericum is also known as an anti-inflammatory, mild choleretic, antispasmodic, astringent, hemostatic, diuretic, anthelmintic.
Decoction of St. John’s wort herb is used for various colds, they are treated for cough, sore throat. Not less successfully coping with St. John’s wort viruses and infections, helping to get rid of sore throat, SARS, influenza. Spirit tincture of Hypericum roots serves as a healing drug in the treatment of bone tuberculosis and dysentery.


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