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Chesterfield Blue New


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Very good cigarettes. It is very difficult to find now. Very unique taste. Very powerful, but have a sweet, sweet taste to them that balances the energy. Excellent pack with smoke. Tens of celebrities who used to smoke in the mid-20th century. They are very powerful, not as hard as camels, but very sweet. They have an old-fashioned taste to them, as if using a lot of fruit tobaccos. You can really taste the sweetness, unlike any other cigar I’ve ever smoked. The one pack I received was powerful though. These days, many of these may be bad so keep that in mind.

Virtually no one knows about these or smokes. If they were so normal I would smoke them all the time. Good taste & solid drawing. Also you can buy Chesterfield OriginalChesterfield Classic BlueChesterfield Aqua, Chesterfield Original.

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1 review for Chesterfield Blue New

  1. Lyvo95462 (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service!

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