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Kent cigarettes have always been famous for their high-quality tobacco and unique distinctive cigarette taste. They are enjoyed by tobacco enthusiasts around the world since 1952. Now you can buy Kent cigarettes online at our store at a very cheap price. Kent brand was named after one of the Lorillard Tobacco Company’s executives, Herbert Kent. Now the brand is renowned worldwide because of the rich distinct taste and safer smoking technology of the cigarettes. To experience clean and pleasurable smoking without overpaying, you may buy cheap Kent cigarettes online. The Company was one of the first among those who introduced and promoted filtered cigarettes as a way of a safer smoking alternative. When this happened there was an article published about the harmful effect of unfiltered cigarettes on health. With the introduction of the filter, the sales of the company increased significantly and stay high until today.

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The company tries its best to remain a leader on the market and now it is at the forefront of the cigarette innovation. The sleek futuristic packaging is very attractive both to men and women. The cigarette technology is improved continuously and each new Kent variety has a certain distinct feature about it.

One of the innovations is an advanced HD Surround taste system, which means that there are special filters and perforation ways of controlling the airflow. This reduces harshness and enhances the natural tobacco flavor.

Kent cigarettes undeniably belong to those cigs, which can be praised over and over again. Their rich flavor and wonderful taste remain high quality no matter what and new innovative technologies pleasantly surprise smoking enthusiasts each time a new Kent product comes out.

If you’re looking for a great deal and want to order cheap Kent cigarettes online, check out the selection in our Tobacco Shop. You will be pleasantly surprised!