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Esse cigarettes are manufactured in South Korea by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp. They are popular mainly in Asia and Europe but you can buy cheap Esse cigarettes online if you’re in the United States. Esse is considered to be a relatively new brand because it was introduced by the Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation in 1996. It is a leading brand in Korea but it steadily gains its popularity in the Middle East and CIS region. Because of the low content of nicotine and tar, Esse cigarettes are mainly liked by a woman. The cigs come as slims and superslims so it’s no wonder that women tend to be attracted to this particular brand more than to any other currently available on the market. The design of each pack is exquisite and delicate, which adds to the popularity of the Esse brand.

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There is a great variety of tastes and all packs look attractive in their own way and females like to feel classy while holding these cigarettes in their hands.

Even though the brand is targeted specifically at lady smokers, men like to smoke these cigarettes as well because they also tend to enjoy the unique distinctive taste of Esse cigs.

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