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Karelia cigarettes are a Greek product made by Karelia Tobacco Factory, which appears to be one of the leading cigarette manufacturers and exporters worldwide. You can check the selection of this brand in our Tobacco Shop and order cheap Karelia cigarettes online. Being founded in 1888, Karelia Cigarette Company has a reputation of the company, which manufactures products of the highest standard. The cigarettes are exported to over fifty countries all over the world, mainly to Greece and Europe but North and South America are also on the list. Karelia cigarettes are considered to be luxurious and they are presented as premium. As a result, the price isn’t very affordable for many people so customers wisely buy cheap Karelia cigarettes online.

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The superslim design is extremely attractive so it’s natural that ladies who smoke favor this particular type of cigarettes. There is a variety of flavors and strengths but still low content of tar and nicotine makes this product be the choice number one for many females. What’s also important is that Karelia cigarettes are all-natural without any artificial additives.

Buy Karelia cigarettes online at a very low price and get amazed by their irresistible, luxurious, and exquisite taste.