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Rum is an alcoholic drink that is distilled from sugar. The source of sugar may be either pure sugar cane, molasses or syrup. Regardless of the base used, the distinct, underlying flavour of rum is a sweet, toasted sugar. Rum is among the oldest distilled spirits in the world, dating back as far as the mid-1700s. Rum was first made throughout the Caribbean and South America, it soon found its way to England and today, it is produced all over the world. The uniqueness of using sugarcane is a distinct feature that sets rum apart from all other liquors. Rums were originally distilled in pot stills, although today modern rum production employ continuous column stills. Rums comes in different distinct colours that are determined by the type of wood used during aging. Most rums are aged in wood casks, and the type of wood plays a key role in determining the colour of the rum produced at the end.

Climate also plays an important role in determining the length of the aging process for rum (and generally, any distilled spirit). Rum age faster in warmer climates (such as tropics) than in cooler climates. The difference in years for the same quality of rum may be as large as a factor of 2. Rum is mostly served at 40% alcohol. Rum generally have a sweet taste. The sweetness vary widely due to different laws of traditions that affect rum production worldwide. There different types of rums produced, some include Light, Gold, Dark, Spiced and Flavoured rums. Specific origins are sometimes used; they are cachaça and rum agricole.

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Light rum: the most common type of rum. Sometimes called a white or silver rum, it is very much like vodka, it is a subtle liquor. These rums are generally aged about a year in stainless steel tanks. This process provides light rums with their clean and light flavour. These are the most popular rums for use as cocktails, and are most affordable rums on the market.

Gold rum: these are in most cases aged in oak casts, which adds to their dark and smooth characteristics. They are also very rich, taste that is attributed to the production of some organic compounds (congeners) during the course of production.

Dark rum: these are the richest rums. They receive they flavour from aging in charred oak casks. In addition to rich and sweet flavour to cocktails, they are the preferred sipper of the rum family.

Cachaça: this Brazilian rum differs from the rest as it skips the molasses and uses pure sugarcane juice instead in the distillation process. This type of rum is required to be produced in Brazil by law. It is one of the sweetest rums available.

Rhum Agricole: this is similar to cachaça as it does not use molasses but only sugarcane juice. However, this brand of rum can only be produced in French territories, most commonly the island of Martinique.

Flavoured rum: this is obtained by adding special spices and aromatics during distillation. This practice became popular in the latter part of 20th Century. Flavours include mango, strawberry and other fruits. Commercially produced rums employ both natural and artificial ingredients to add flavour to a rum. Sometimes, herbs have also been used.

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Some popular rum brands include: Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Appleton, Mount Gray

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