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IQOS 3 DUO Terracotta

IQOS 3 DUO – Terracotta

IQOS 3 DUO Terracotta

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At Cigsweb, we specialize in everything that has to do with tobacco products, including IQOS heets cigarettes and sticks. All our products are certified and come from official manufacturers. You won’t find IQOS heets price as low anywhere else while also being sure that the quality you get is top-notch. On the site, you can conveniently look through all the options and find the products that suit your taste and style.

If you are overwhelmed by all the products and IQOS heets for sale, you can simply contact our team and we will promptly get back to you and answer your questions. It’s important for us that you are satisfied with your IQOS HEETS order and we can help you make the right choice.

Which heets options are available at the store?

Finding your favorite IQOS heets flavors is a big deal because you obviously want to enjoy your smoking as much as possible. At Cigsweb, you can buy IQOS heets flavors with ease and at the most affordable prices. We believe that smoking should be budget-friendly, which is why we do our best to maintain the prices as low as we can.

There are the following IQOS heets colors available for you to choose from:

  • Turquoise Label Heets for IQOS

The Turquoise version brings you the freshness of menthol. When it comes to the flavor, it’s delicate and subtle, perfect for those who appreciate balanced tastes.

  • Amber Label Heets for IQOS

This IQOS heets stick delivers a strong and rich tobacco flavor. Amber Heets is perfect for those who decided to switch from regular cigarettes and want to continue experiencing an intense taste of tobacco.

  • Green Zing Heets for IQOS

Green Zing provides you with the most refreshing taste compared to all other IQOS heets tobacco sticks. It offers a combination of the citrus flavors, menthol, and spicy herbs. This version is light and ideal for when you want something different.

  • Purple Label Heets for IQOS

Those who appreciate the smell of berries will surely enjoy Purple Heets. This version has a combination of IQOS heets menthol flavor with fragrant wild berries. It’s not as strong when it comes to tobacco and has a balanced taste.

  • Silver Label Heets for IQOS

Silver Heets delivers a fine taste for those who are not fans of strong tobacco flavors. It is clean and delicate for smokers who appreciate subtle effects.

  • Yellow Label Heets for IQOS

Yellow Heets is all about the classic taste of tobacco – it’s neither too strong nor too light. It’s less intense compared to Amber Heets and is generally a great middle ground for most smokers.

  • Bronze Label Heets for IQOS

Bronze Heets has a heavy tobacco taste that can be compared to cigars. The flavor is rich, velvety, and many people note that the flavor has similar notes to dark chocolate and malt.

Order tobacco sticks and get free delivery

Purchasing IQOS heets online at Cigsweb is the best way to save your money if you are an avid user of IQOS or you want to become one. If you want your smoking habit to bring you joy and not put a strain on your wallet, our IQOS heets store is the right solution.

Besides providing you with reduced prices and the largest assortment of products related to IQOS, we also offer free delivery if you live in the United States. The process of making an order is simple – just browse through our store, pick what you would like to order, and choose a convenient payment system. You then need to enter your address and your IQOS heets delivery will be carried out in just a few days. If you live outside of the United States, you can still make an order and enjoy smoking tobacco sticks.