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Vaping is not possible without the so-called e-liquid or e-juice. The process of vaping is quite simple – your e-cig device heats up e-liquid and turns it into a certain flavorful vapor that you get to enjoy. With the constant increase in the popularity of vaping, the range of e-liquid flavors from different brands is impressive. At Cigsweb, you will find e-liquid for sale at the lowest prices and you will be able to easily choose your favorite ones from a large assortment of products.

What is e-liquid made of?

E-liquid flavours are achieved using only a few ingredients that can be found in most products out there. Firstly, there are ingredients that make sure that liquid turns into vapor and they include vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Secondly, e-liquid juice options contain certain flavors and most of them have some nicotine. What is great is that you can choose the concentration of nicotine and there are also vape e-liquid options that feature no nicotine or an extremely small amount.

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