Most scholars believe cigars to have been invented by the ancient Mayans, who wrapped the tobacco in either palm or plantain leaves. As a matter of fact, there is an ancient Mayan pot from the 10th century that depicts a Mayan man smoking one of those primitive cigars. Although this demonstrates smoking was a common practice this time, it is not fully understood how the Mayans discovered the tobacco plant, or how did they discover that it could be smoked. As back as the 15th Century, Native Indians in the present day North America used tobacco for various ceremonial purposes such as smocking the pipe for peace. They have been around well over a couple of over a few thousand years, although very different from their current form. When Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492, the natives were already cultivating tobacco. Columbus then introduced it to Europe upon his return, and a new culture was born. The word “cigar” is from a Spanish word, “ciggaro” which was adopted from “seeker”, the Indian Mayan name for smocking. The word “cohiba” was used by Taino Indians to mean tobacco. Today, many Havana cigars use old Indian names for labels and sizes.

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Definition and types

The Wikipedia has defined a cigar as “being a tightly wound bundle of tobacco that is ignited so that the smoke can be drawn into the mouth”. The most common type of cigar is the popular Parejo, which has a nostalgic feel to it. It is believed to be the original cigar shape created by the Mayan Indians. There many different subcategories of the Parejo cigar, the most predominant one include: Toro, Corona, and Carlota. It is interesting to note that some Parejo cigars, were named after famous people who smoked in public in order to popularize their brand. There were for instance, cigars named after Sir Winston Churchill, Rothschild, and Lonsdale.
Back in 1800s, there were the Figurado cigars were very popular, their fame has diminished significantly in the modern times though. They had a unique irregular shape. Due to their shape, they are expensive to manufacture and purchase. Indeed, these cigars are collectors’ items for those who are fortunate enough to find them for sale on the market. Some of the many popular figurado cigars include the Presidente, Torpedo, and Toscano.

Another group of cigars emerged known as “little cigars”. As the name suggests, they look a lot similar like modern cigarrates due to their small shape and size. Traditionally, “little cigars” are not really cigars, although they have been gaining popularity recently.

Cigars require a humid, warm region for optimum growth. The most popular region is in the Caribbean with the Dominican Republic being the most popular. Other popular countries in which cigars are grown is Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

Historically, Cuba been the leading country from which premium cigars were exported to the United States. However, in 1962 the United States Congress enforced a trade embargo with Cuba since Cuba was classified as an “enemy” of the United States. Since that time it has been illegal to bring Cuban cigars into the United States.

Even with the U.S. embargo of Cuban cigars, that tiny island nation continues to be the premier cigar manufacturing center in the world. All Cuban cigars are called ‘Puros’ meaning pure. A ‘Puro’ cigar is made purely of tobaccos from the country where the cigars were rolled. Cuba was hit hard by the collapse of the former Soviet Union who was an important ally and supporter. The resulting loss of economic aid from the former Soviet Union and a series of tobacco blights have combined to potentially undermine the consistency of Cuban cigar production and tobacco quality.

The situation in the Cuban cigar industry has regained stability however, with the “puro” still living the name as one of the most sought-after cigars. The trade embargo between the US and Cuba has somewhat been relaxed.S

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