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Ashima Luxury Cigarettes is a very popular brand in China. Yet, it is also loved by smokers around the world. You can buy Ashima cigarettes online at our Tobacco Shop and save yourself a lot of money and time. The brand was launched not so long ago in China (in 1982), but it managed to become popular among customers worldwide. Nevertheless, if you live in the United States, it might be quite difficult to find these particular cigarettes in your local shop. If you like this brand and don’t want to swap it for any other similar product, order Ashima cigarettes online and have them delivered right to your doorstep at no extra cost. Ashima Cigarettes are special because of the unique combination of Chinese middle and high tobacco leaves.

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This unique mix provides exquisite taste, which makes these cigarettes become luxury. Here at our store, you can buy cheap Ashima cigarettes and enjoy the smooth taste at a very affordable price.

The name of the brand was inspired by a popular Chinese folk legend. The main heroine’s name is Ashima and it can be translated “as precious and bright as gold”. In fact, the part of the history can be found on the pack itself.

If you like to feel the taste of Chinese legend, buy discount cigarettes online and enjoy the unforgettable and pure fragrance of unique Ashima Cigarettes.