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Worldwide alcohol consumption is on the rise, one that is not about to end anytime soon. A 2019 study published in The Lancet has found that the rates of individual alcohol consumption have skyrocketed. Globally, the study found alcohol intake has increased by 70% between 1990 and 2017. Back in the 1990s, alcohol was chiefly consumed in high-income countries. European countries and North American countries had the most alcohol consumption. Over the years, due to globalization and technology, other lower-income countries have joined the pack. The current upward trend is expected to continue for at least another couple of decades. With the rise in demand continually on the rise, there are news ways emerging to cater the needs for users. One such option and one that is growing very rapidly is the online market.


Alcohol online

In this section, an online market platform enables you to make quick alcohol purchases to cater your needs. There are at the moment numerous online alcohol markets catering to the needs of both the individuals to bars, restaurants and wholesalers. However, still relatively few dedicated online alcohol stores that offer alcohol based drinks as their chief product of market. The current alcohol market is composed of a few exclusive alcohol markets and the integrated online markets such as Amazon that sell alcohol in addition to many other products. With the online alcohol markets, users are looking for a dedicated, reliable and a swift acting platform that sells and supplies alcohol. In addition, alcohol users are very conservative and have an established almost sentimental attachment to specific brands. These brands are not all readily available especially in integrated online markets making the need for dedicated online platforms necessary.

One such online platform where users can get their choice of alcoholic drinks and virtually all brands are available is at the Cigsweb. At, users can shop freely for the choice of brand in a well-established and dedicated online alcohol store. The platform is safe, secure and reliable, with plenty of choices to select. The online platform hosts a number of choices for you, making the online transaction feel like a costume deal made for you. At Cigsweb , you are sure to find your choice at a good deal. The website is very friendly, easily to navigate and compatible with all mobile devices, tablets and computers. The site is also readily available on any browser that the users may be using. There plenty of reasons to make Cigsweb your next online liquor store, in this article, we will look at other different reasons that should make “cigsweb” your ultimate destination for your online alcohol purchases.

Buy popular alcohol brands

At, all the popular brands are available. All your favourite brands of alcohol are available and grouped into different groups (base liquors) for your convenience. As already stated, all brands are available on all levels of age – some are 3 years old, some 6 and some over 10 years old. Cigsweb is dedicated to make your alcohol shopping experience unique on both the convenience and taste. The site holds 6 liquor categories, well placed and arranged in the default grid formation with an option for a “list” formation according to fit your preference. As you rifle through the brands as you are shopping, you may opt to sort out your options based on popularity, ratings, and price or by latest. This is a system that enables you to narrow down your favourite liquor without spending a minute longer on the site. If you ran into a problem trying to find your brand, there is a chat option with someone always there to meet your needs. The online support personnel at Cigsweb may even help you locate your favourite brand walk you through how order, purchase and deliver. This truly an online market, custom made to meet your needs.

Buy alcohol free shipping

One of the very best features of is free shipping.  Cigsweb has a free shipping offer across all Europe and beyond. What is even better is that they deliver right your doorstep at absolutely no cost to you! The process is fast, reliable and secure. Cigsweb enables you to save your money shopping by offering generous discounts, save your money in shipping costs and saving your time in delivery. The delivery process is fast and transparent, allowing you the opportunity to interact with the staff and track your item right to your doorstep. At Cigsweb, you shop for your favourite liquor, at your own comfort and get goods delivered at your own convenience in the luxury of your space at no cost to you.

 Alcohol worldwide shipping

Cigsweb has an efficient network distribution of delivering goods all over the world. Although based in Europe, Cigsweb has connections throughout the world to get your drink to you.  No matter where you are, Cigsweb can get your favourite booze to you! If you purchase at Cigsweb online store, they promise to get your bottle of liquor to you as soon as they can. Cigsweb’s mission is “to have zero dissatisfied costumers”. Cigsweb vows to do anything reasonably possible to fulfil that goal. Therefore, wherever you are, Cigsweb will do anything possible to get you that favourite drink of yours just because they want to keep you (their costumer) satisfied. This is truly royal treatment of costumers by any standards. Cigsweb should be your one-stop shop for all your booze requirements.




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