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In our Tobacco Shop, you can order American Spirit cigarettes and enjoy the unique smoking experience at a very affordable price. Even though the American Spirit brand is relatively new on the market, these cigarettes became a favorite for many smokers. That’s no wonder since the variety of flavors and strengths make these cigarettes a choice of many Americans. These smokes were introduced in 1982 by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. It’s interesting that the company was founded by an acupuncturist, an author, and a plumber. One might wonder what made people with such diverse interests to cooperate and start a company? The answer is simple – the founders had a passion for tobacco. What’s more, they decided that it had to be natural so that this would distinguish their product among other similar on the market.

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They successfully managed to do that and started producing cigarettes with natural additive-free tobacco. Many manufacturers add chemicals and it was decided that the American Spirit brand will use whole leaf tobacco only, which should offer more satisfying puff.

It’s a legendary brand and if you want to buy cheap American Spirit cigarettes online in our store, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite brand without spending a fortune.